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Planetary Defense Force is an interactive tower defense game set in The Solar System, nearly 150 fictional years in the future. Invaders are attacking from all sides, so you must build up defenses on the small worlds orbiting the sun because if invaders reach our bright yellow deity, it's safe to say that the future of mankind will be dim.


WASD to navigate scene, Left-click on planets to zoom in on it and Right-click to zoom out, Zoom in and out with scroll wheel.


  • Lead Programmer - Kryto627
  • Programmer and Artist - Calemi
  • Programmer and Sound Design - Flakey
  • Music - CaptainKray & WilfredTP

Check out our Youtube channel and Twitter. This is just one of our many projects!

Youtube - youtube.com/c/TeamMonumental

Twitter - twitter.com/Team_Monumental?lang=en


LD38 - PDF.zip 31 MB

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